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We are located in Offstein since the family's home - the former Castle Administration (built 1731) - had been purchased in 1916. The administration had long before abandoned the castle of the lords of Oberstein which was already in a dilapidated condition. To preserve the memory of our Offstein Castle & Garden a segment of the land used for vineyard has been entered as an individual land part in the land-register.

The administration building of the castle now serves as the family residence and farm building.
As is typical in Rheinhessen, the farmland was first operated in the form of mixed farming.
Current senior generation

Today's senior director, Karl Otto Heimers, rather early on in 1950, had to take over after the death of his father. He together with his wife Hildegard, laid the foundation for the development of the farm from mixed farming to a pure 'full-blooded' winery estate. The livestock was abandoned and the arable crops were leased. There remained only the fruit growing and viticulture, which has been extended.

His daughter was chosen in 1976 as Marita l., the Rheinhessen wine queen and hence allowed to represent the wine country Rheinhessen at home and abroad.
Current generation

His son, Dr. Karl Heimers, joined in his fathers footsteps and took over the estate in 1982. His wife Elizabeth had also absorbed in the theme "wine" as a passion. From this time the family specialized completely in winemaking. Meanwhile, the vineyard has grown to 40 ha with the proportion of red and white grapes plantation in equal measure. Since 1985, the sparkling wine factory was built in what is now the 'Sekt', produced according to the traditional way of Champagne production.

The next generation, with Karl-Michael Heimers and Regine Heimers coming of age, particularly in the decision-making stage of their professional careers.