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Our Region
and the winemaking environment

Offstein is located in the Rhine valley 10 km from the city of Worms of Luther and the saga of Nibelungen. We are bordered by the Pfalz Forest in the west and the Odenwald in the east.

Locationally, our area forms the tangent of the Rheinhessen and the Pfalz. For this reason, our vineyards are located in both wine growing districts.

As a result the winemaking here is defined by the unique cultural and climate landscape of the area.
People and Culture 

The people are cheerful and outgoing, so you quickly develop contacts.

The three imperial cathedrals (Speyer, Worms and Mainz) form the cultural triangle. Worms has recovered in recent years through the Festival in August, called the nebelung - a name recognised beyond the borders.

The Jazz Festival every year attracts many interested in the city.

There is much to see in this cultural triangle. Take the opportunity to explore.